The importance of effective branding

Dec 5, 2016 | Blog, Marketing tips

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The importance of effective branding

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Blog, Marketing tips | 0 comments

Your company may have great products and/or services, but first and lasting impressions, especially in this age of technology, are what count. The likelihood is your potential clients will come across your business upon recommendation, searching the Internet or high street for what they are looking for. Building the right brand identity can help differentiate you, making you stand out from the competition and become recognised in your market place for the right reasons.

Right or wrong the fact is better companies which are perceived to be high quality can outsell better products or higher quality services, trusted brands nearly always win business and retain existing customers. Heinz Baked Beans are a classic example of this, in a blind taste test a generic supermarkets own brand may win – but take the blindfold off and the chances are the taster will still walk away with a tin of Heinz…

As well as an eye-catching memorable logo, a brand must encompass your businesses values, in essence have its own personality and tone that should be identifiable throughout all your marketing communications and collateral, appealing to your target market, distinguishing itself as a premium or budget product/service offering. Ultimately your brand should instil trust and aid customer retention.

A good way of promoting your main USP (Unique Selling Point), is in the form of a tagline associated with your brand. A great example of this is L’Oreal Paris’ ‘Because you’re worth it’, this plays on the consumers want to be desirable – worth it… this tagline isn’t so much about the product itself but what it brings to the person using it, thus making the brand stronger in it’s market positioning against other famous cosmetic brands.

Now it’s easy to talk about the big brands that everyone are familiar with, but remember branding is equally as important to small businesses. If you are a self employed gardener or a small accountancy firm, your brand is your reputation and whether you know it or not every business has a brand, the question is does your brand work for you or against you?

If you’re a new business looking for the right branding to deliver the right message or an established business looking to improve your brand image and evolve with the times – We can help! Get in touch for an informal, no obligations chat.

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