Meet team Kensa

The Kensa Creative team

Our quirky creatives each bring a unique set of skills to the team, from branding and graphic design to animation and web development. They all have one thing in common though – passion for awesome design.


Managing Dictator
Scott founded the company in 2010 and rules it with an iron fist. A dab hand in all aspects of design from print to video and web development, he’s first and foremost the ideas man who manages the creative chaos and keeps everybody motivated (usually with rousing speeches, blackmail or pizza).
Favourite type of work
A big fan of the ‘big idea’, Scott likes any opportunity to subvert expectations and introduce a clever twist to a project, whether that’s a quirky print advert or fundamentally rethinking how a website should be interacted with.
Outside work
Little is known of this dark horse, though rumour has it he’s not familiar with the concept of ‘outside work’. We do know that he prefers 2 wheels to 4 when driving, his favourite ‘sport’ is archery and he wears a size 13 shoe.


Director of Positivity
One of Kensa’s founding fathers, Rich studied Graphic Design at University College Falmouth which is where his passion for all things Cornish started. Nowadays Rich is involved in all aspects of running the business and somehow, no matter the deadline or crazy request, he always has a smile on his face.
Favourite type of work
A true all-rounder when it comes to his design talents, Rich’s original passion is print! He likes nothing more than transforming crimes against design into something exciting, engaging and most importantly effective.
Outside work
On the rare occasion Rich isn’t juggling work and family life he likes nothing more than enjoying a fine ale, his current favourite is Betty Stoggs which is (not coincidentally) brewed down in Cornwall.


Conductor of Creativity
With a background in Fine Art and a keen eye for detail, Jess’s creative flair brings a unique perspective to any design challenge which allows her to seemingly effortlessly solve the most puzzling of briefs. She’s also a highly organised efficiency machine and expects no less from the rest of the design squad!
Favourite type of work
As our lead designer Jess brings a truly holistic approach to any creative project, turning her talented hands to everything from carefully crafting a brand to storyboarding an animation – although it’s bespoke illustrations that she enjoys working on most.
Outside work
A born and bred Shropshire girl, in her spare time Jess loves venturing into the great outdoors to take a refreshing break from the screen – although she’ll never go without her sketchbook! Otherwise, you’ll find her curled up in front of the wood burner with a glass of wine.


Coordinator of Chaos

When Kate joined Kensa, we’ll admit our organisational system was a bit… rusty. Dozens of spreadsheets, process diagrams and (polite) reminders later our planning system is now a well-oiled machine! But don’t be fooled, this girl takes no prisoners (unless she’s sweet-talking the designers to get something done pronto).

Favourite type of work

Problem solver extraordinaire, Kate loves nothing more than identifying an issue, digging down to find the root cause then beating it to death with a spreadsheet. It’s all about efficiency and results, both for us and our clients.

Outside work

Kate’s a bit of a petrol head – whoever draws the short straw gets to ride in ‘her baby’! She’s also the proud owner of many well-stocked wine racks, which she tries to offset with a rigorous running schedule.


The Peaky Designer
George lives and breathes all things graphic design, from logos to layouts, packaging to print and even web design. Always staying on top of the latest trends, he’s the ace up our sleeves when it comes to knocking out modern designs that deliver a clean premium finish.
Favourite type of work
For George, nothing beats the creative freedom of a blank canvas! He loves bringing new brands to life, from designing the logo, exploring colour schemes and typography all the way through to delivering a comprehensive corporate identity.
Outside work
A man beyond his years, our Peaky Designer fancies himself the next Tommy Shelby – when he’s not watching or playing football that is. Quite the impersonator, on a night out you’ll most likely find George doing his best Elvis Presley!


Pixel Picasso
Dean originally joined the team on a graphic design apprenticeship, and since then he’s become a Photoshop master! A perfectionist at heart, you’ll often see him zoomed in to the pixel level checking every detail, whether that’s a brochure, web banner or bizarre image manipulation for our latest quirky advert concept.
Favourite type of work
Whether you want to look 10 years younger, magically develop a tan, or be flying through the sky juggling chainsaws, Dean is more than happy for any excuse to dive into Photoshop and make your strangest ideas a reality.
Outside work
Deans music taste ranges from rock, grunge and punk, to “liquid drum and bass, chill hop and house” (whatever that is). When he’s not pulling off a marathon gaming session, you’ll find Dean bombing down hills on his longboard!


Code Ninja
With a long history of working with WordPress, an encyclopaedic knowledge of code and a background in UX design, when Luke approached Kensa we almost snapped his hand off! He juggles everything from responsive themes and bespoke builds to complex database solutions – all with a cheeky smile on his face.
Favourite type of work
Luke is great at “making things work”; whether that means exterminating bugs in code or jerry-rigging together a particularly clever feature to add custom functionality, he’s never one to turn down a challenge.
Outside work
In his spare time Luke can be found in his favourite tattoo studio adding to his impressive collection (he’s up to 50% body coverage so far!), no-scoping noobs on his PS4 or jamming on the bass in his rock band.


Film Fanatic
Ryan see’s the world in 16:9 and takes the lead on all things video at Kensa. Whether it’s filming a promotional video or creating an explainer animation, you can be sure he’ll frame the perfect shot. In 2018, he also became our first certified drone operator, achieving the prestigious ‘gold wings’ award in the process!
Favourite type of work
He graduated with a First Class degree in Film Production, so Ryan loves any opportunity to craft a compelling story from start to finish – planning, scripting and storyboarding before getting on location and going full auteur behind the camera.
Outside work
Ryan’s obsession for all things media continues into his personal life, from working on screenplays to watching arsty fartsy films. He also has a sneaky Simpsons tattoo, though it’s in a place you’ll only see if he chooses to show you.


Marketing Guru
While the rest of our team is busy perfecting our clients marketing, Amy is responsible for ours. From shouting about us on social media to writing insightful blog posts, Amy shows off what we do best whilst helping our lovely clients with their campaigns along the way.
Favourite type of work
Amy enjoys learning all about our clients, then coming up with a strategic plan and relevant content to reach their target customers. She’s a big advocate of social media and you’ll often find her stuck into analytics to make sure everything’s working as hard as it can.
Outside work
When Amy’s not reluctantly sweating it out in the gym, she likes nothing more than cocktails and banter with friends. Always one for keeping up with popular topics, Amy’s guilty pleasure is recording ‘This Morning’ every week day.

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