Welcome to Kensa

We deliver passionate creative projects, from standalone designs to integrated campaigns.

Kensa Creative is more than just an awesome name and a collection of trivial facts about Cornwall, we’re a tightly knit team of creative professionals with an obsession for design and the skills to deliver a wide range of creative solutions…

Meet the Kensa team

A closer look at the team behind the name, Kensa is made up of 10 talented individuals, read here to learn a little more about each person and just some of the attributes they bring to the team.

What’s in a name

Do you know what ‘Kensa’ means? Here’s a hint – we have a special place in our hearts for Cornwall and Cornish culture, with our founders having studied design at University College Falmouth…

Years in the making

Kensa Creative has been up and running for 9 years, prior to which the directors ran a partnership. We’ve grown organically and have worked with clients up and down the country!

Awesome individuals

We’ve got a diverse team which helps keep the Kensa machine running, consisting of 8 creatives and 2 support staff, each of which brings their own skillset and quirks to the company.

Pounds per hour

We keep it simple – our standard hourly rate for creative work, whether that’s an advert, animation or web application, is £75. Minimum billing is 0.5 hours work, but if it’s a quick job we usually do it for free.

Being (a little bit) responsible…

Paper Free Office

Simply put our intention is to move towards a digital work environment and avoid using printed materials whenever possible, resulting in a cleaner, more organised office and saving a few tree’s along the way…

Environmental Policy

You don’t have to be a big manufacturer for the day to day activities of running your business to be detrimental to the environment – from the paper in our printers to the electricity running our workstations…

Kensa themed decor
The Kensa Creative team
Kate being inspired

We love nothing more than discussing new projects, so if you have something in the pipeline or an idea bubbling in the back of your brain give us a call for a casual no obligation chat and let’s see how we can help you!