ReBOUND Returns


ReBOUND Returns approached us to create an identity for their first ever annual conference “The Returns Revolution” hosted at The Skyloft, London. They wanted a distinctive identity they could use year-on-year, as well as some impactful supporting visuals throughout the event to inspire and engage their 150 retail attendees.

Stage design
Facts and figures posters
Project breakdown
  • Print design 60% 60%
  • Branding 20% 20%
  • Typography 20% 20%
Returns Revolution in action
Returns Revolution in action
Returns Revolution in action
Returns Revolution in action

To the bar!

A major feature of the venue was a large curved bar, so we took the opportunity to design a fully printed wrap to make use of this space. As the central hub of the event, this was a great place to showcase the event branding as well as helpful directional signage for attendees.

Branded directional bar banner
Designs lost in the process

Bespoke design

ReBOUND had the opportunity to use a swivelling tile board at the event, where they wanted to feature key stats about returns. To make it more interesting, we proposed making this item into a ‘match the tiles’ mini game to test people’s knoweldge of returns statistics shown around the event, using bespoke illustrations to make the information more eye-catching.


ReBOUND Returns want to position themselves as the experts in returns.


ReBOUND were hosting the first ever conference dedicated to all things returns – The Returns Revolution. It was our job to bring the event to life using impactful and engaging visuals.


The Returns Revolution was a roaring success! The event identity was a real hit with retailers, and the branded items throughout the event helped ReBOUND get across their message across loud and clear. 

And we can do the same for you...

We’ve produced a range of permanent and portable event graphics from initial designs through to print production. Whether it’s a single banner stand or a complete bespoke stand space we can transform your presence whatever the budget.