If a picture’s worth a thousand words… imagine how much you can say at 25 frames a second!

Motion graphics

Bringing your product or service to life with motion graphics and animation to show off and explain what you can offer in a unique way which will grab peoples attention
What we can offer
Our team of experts really can make magic happen when producing motion graphics! The creative possibilities in 2D & 3D animation are never ending!
Why you need it
If traditional methods of advertisement don’t display enough detail or if your looking for a fun representation – motion graphics can achieve this and more, giving a modern and high definition look.

Interviews & case studies

Filming an interview with your company CEO or a client may sound simple enough, especially with most people now having a recording device (aka mobile phone) with them at all times, but it’s amazing what a difference professional production can make.
What we can offer
We have the latest recording and sound technology along with the necessary expertise to make sure you give Parkinson a run for his money, even including a green screen that allows us to superimpose different backgrounds behind people.
Why you need it
A professional video interview with the correct lighting and sound quality, will give a credible impression and attract and hold the attention of the viewer.

3D product visualisations

Creating, lighting and animating your product in 3D opens up a world of possibilities that you simply couldn’t achieve with a real world camera, whether it’s a video for promotional purposes or a technical how-to, 3D rendering takes your product visualisations to the next level.
What we can offer
We can create a 3D representation of an existing product based on reference photos or even bring to life something that is still on the drawing board based on design drawings. After that we can superimpose it into real world footage or turn it into a dramatic 3D animation.
Why you need it
3D renders make your product look better than real – everything is crisp and perfect, without so much as a speck of dust in sight. If you’re going for a high quality finish, this is the way to go.

Visual effects

Whether you want to combine real world footage with motion graphics or just edit that interview so it looks like you’re on the moon, the art of composing and visual effects can add a wow factor to your videos.
What we can offer
We usually do visual effects shots as part of a promotional video project, but get in front of a green screen and your imagination is the limit.
Why you need it
Whether you want to make your product more interesting or visualise / explain the details by compositing graphics into your footage, the right effect shot makes things a lot more interesting.

Event coverage

Whether you’re attending an event or have spent blood, sweat and tears organising one, capturing all your hard work with a professional video will give you something to show off and a valuable marketing tool for promoting future events.
What we can offer
Coupled with our top of the range equipment and valuable experience, we can pop in for an hour to film an important speech or spend a few days at the event capturing the highlights you need!
Why you need it
Get maximum value out of your event and make it last more than a few days by capturing a video overview
Event scratchcard giveaway image
Exhibition rope stand

Aerial drone footage

Whether you’re looking for a high-impact establishing shot, want to show the scale of your outdoor project or just need a fancy view of your companies headquarters, drone footage provides a unique perspective that will add drama to any video.
What we can offer
Our team are fully qualified and insured to fly drones commercially. We also have all the equipment needed in house, meaning we can capture aerial footage alongside a regular film shoot – saving you money and the hassle of hiring 2 crews.
Why you need it
For conveying a true sense of scale you simply can’t beat an aerial shot, combining heights of over 100M with stunning 4K footage to deliver a real spectacle (when the weather decides to play nicely).

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