What does 'Kensa' even mean?

When it comes to creative agencies we’re simply the first and best…

No, really, thats what ‘Kensa’ means in the Celtic language of Cornwall!

Here at Kensa Creative we make no secret about the fact that we have a special place in our hearts for Cornwall and Cornish culture, with our founders having studied design and communication at University College Falmouth. It is to this culture that our name pays tribute.

It was whilst enjoying pasties and drinks on the glorious Cornish beaches that the dream of Kensa was born, having been truly inspired by our surroundings and fallen in love with the local culture it seemed only natural to honour the Cornish heritage when naming our company.

Kensa [Ken-zah]


The word Kensa derives from the Cornish for ‘first’ or ‘primary’, which when linked with the english word Creative gives you an idea of what we’re all about! It may sound a little ostentatious of us but hey, there’s no point aspiring to be mediocre!

Our favourite flavours

Discover each of our team members favourite pasty flavours (yes, the bakers in Cornwall sell them in a wide range of bizarre fillings!) – check out our meet the team page.

Want an awesome name of your own?

Coming up with a good name is harder than it sounds – we help companies find unique and memorable names as part of the branding process so if you’re stuck for ideas give us a call.