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Oct 1, 2019 | Blog, Team kensa

Luke Holloway

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Jess Morris

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Jess Morris  

As our creative lead and with a background in Fine Art, Jess has strong opinions about all things design.

Meet the team

Luke Holloway – Code Master

We’ve recently celebrated Luke’s first year with Kensa, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. With a long history of working with WordPress, an encyclopaedic knowledge of code and vast experience in UX design, it’s no surprise that Luke excels in any web task. He juggles everything from responsive themes and bespoke builds to complex database solutions – all with a cheeky smile on his face.

His skills don’t end there either; his background in communication studies allows him to really understand our clients’ messaging to their target audience through our website designs.

Luke rocking out
Making code happen

Favourite type of work
Luke’s real passion is coding, but due to the complex nature of website development he’s learned to tackle many different tasks from design to copywriting. In a nutshell he’s great at simply “making things work”; whether that means exterminating bugs in code or jerry-rigging together a particularly clever feature to add custom functionality.

Outside work
In his spare time Luke can be found in his favourite tattoo studio adding to his impressive collection (he’s up to 50% body coverage so far!), no-scoping noobs on his PS4 or jamming on the bass in his rock band.

Kensa team Luke
Social Luke
In his own words…
“Since joining Kensa, I’ve been given the opportunity to really develop my coding knowledge and work with some great clients in a range of fields all at the same time. Having the support of the team to improve my technical abilities has helped me to become an all-round better developer, as well as opening up exciting new project challenges”.

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