Kensa does Lasagna

Aug 6, 2018 | Blog, Team kensa

Kensa does Lasagna

Love lasagna?

Think you can challenge Kate for the Kensa Master Chef title? Have some vaguely design or marketing related skills? Get in touch and we’ll gladly put your lasagna to the test!

Scott Clarke

Written by

Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

July 29th was National Lasagna Day, which brought some unexpected revelations

While most of the team agreed that lasagna may be the best thing since sliced bread, it turns out our Junior Designer has never tried it (!!). Cue; Kate the cook offering to make a batch for the whole team.

A sneak peek
Kensa Cooking
Team Kensa

Not only did Kate spend her weekend cooking up a jumbo sized batch, she even made it all herself down to the pasta sheets!

The ingredients
Home made pasta
Kate the chef

The whole team loved it, Kate proved herself our resident Master Chef and best of all Dean has a new favourite food!

Tucking in
George enjoying himself

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