Making the dream a reality

Building is hard work – fortunately Kensa has a remarkably diverse range of clients and was able to enlist architectural practice biT Group and planning consultancy apT Group to help make it happen, from the design and planning to tendering and management of the project.

The site plan
3D visualisation
Kensa team designing
Kensa team designing the building


We’re on site and things are getting exciting!

The ground has been cleared, fences put up and vast strips of concrete poured to form the foundations. The car park is also starting to take shape – a sizable area in front of the building that can accommodate up to 40 vehicles to future-proof the building.

Kensa team visiting the build site
The beginnings of the car park
The building site ready to go
The concrete strip foundations
Drones eye view


It’s starting to take shape

The building is constructed from steel frame, now that its arrived on site and has being delicately craned into place then bolted together we can start to see the silhouette of the form the building will ultimately take.

Kensa on site
Meeting with builders
Drone view of the steel frame
Kensa views the steel frame
Steel support structure


A highly insulated sandwich

Both the walls and roof are made from a pre-formed panel system, it’s a bit like an insulation sandwich. This construction allows the panels to be relatively thin but still extremely strong – it also means the walls and roof fly up surprisingly quickly.

Jess pointing on building site
The roof goes on
Walls and roof
Kensa and the Morris building team
The insulated roof


Flooding the space with light

The final item to make the building weather tight is the glazing, consisting of large panels of glass and aluminium that need to be delicately eased into place. There is also a strip of roof lights to add an extra dimension of light to the vaulted upper floor.

Front elevation glazing
Installing the windows
Aluminium windows
Window installation
Windows in place


Defining the internal spaces

As the walls go up we start to get a feel for what the final space will be like. Metal framework spans the walls and ceilings, insulation gets stuffed in and gypsum board is installed – all finished off with a pristine pinkish brown skim coat of plaster.

Skim coat goes on
A metal frame
Walls and ceiling
Plastered walls with wires popping out
Plenty of plaster


Making the place habitable

The trades are being whipped into a frenzy fitting out the building, with kilometers of data cables snaking their way through the walls and LED lighting being installed… not to mention less glamorous essentials, like plumbing, toilets and a staircase.

Freshly painted walls with LED lights up
Staircase goes in
The insulated roof
Lots and lots of wires
Jess pointing on building site
Ground floor
Heating unit


Making it our own

A splash of paint on the walls and some colour accented floor tiles helps makes the whole place start to feel more ‘Kensa’. The devil is in the details and we’ve still got lots to do, but it’s fast approaching the point where we’ll be able to move in.

Very picky about the right paint mix
Paint samples
Colourful kitchen
Green staircase
Kensa blue flecked carpet
Blue feature wall


Welcome to the new home of Kensa Creative

Fancy seeing it for yourself? Come and visit us for a tour.

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Get help finding us

New Kensa building map
Because it’s a new build many maps and satnav services still think we’re based in the middle of an empty field