Super-sized Kensa snacks

Nov 8, 2019 | Blog

Team with oversized pasties

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Jess Morris

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Jess Morris  

As our creative lead and with a background in Fine Art, Jess has strong opinions about all things design.

Ever wondered where ‘Kensa’ came from? It’s an unusual one – but we’re a quirky bunch so it’s well suited!
Cutting the Cornish pasty
Cornish pasty day
With our founders having studied at the University College Falmouth, it is no surprise that Cornwall has a special place in our hearts and inspired our brand name.

So why the name exactly? The word Kensa derives from the Cornish for ‘first’ or ‘primary’, which when linked with the english word Creative gives you an idea of what we’re all about!

Dean enjoying a slice of pasty
Rich enjoying a slice of pasty
So to keep our busy creatives fuelled this Friday, Scott brought in some slightly oversized Cornish pasties! As you can see from this cheerful bunch, they went down a treat!

It’s great to remember what inspired our brand name – plus, what’s better than a Friday feast?

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