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Jun 27, 2017 | Blog, Team kensa

Sud, our new web developer

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Amy Vaughan

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Amy Vaughan 

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Sudhir Lal – Web Developer/Code Champion

Sud started out his career in Graphic Design before deciding to venture into the dark, complex and magical world of website development – basically meaning he was a win win for us! His combined expertise means he gets involved in the early stages of projects, advising clients what will work best without confusing them with developer’s language…

Out of Work: When Sud isn’t lost in la la land listening to old school hip-hop beats, he’s a real family man, preferring to spend his time being wrestled to the ground by his two young sons!

Fun Fact: Despite his reputation as the quiet one in the office, his true sense of humour came to light after the birth of the Kensa WhatsApp group… oh my!

Favourite Cornish Pasty: Enjoying the best cut wherever possible, it’s got to be steak filled!

Keep your eye’s peeled, we’ll be introducing you to some more of our newest team members soon!

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