Meet our Coordinator of Chaos

Nov 5, 2019 | Blog, Team kensa

Kate Frost

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Jess Morris

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Jess Morris  

As our creative lead and with a background in Fine Art, Jess has strong opinions about all things design.

Meet the team

Kate Frost – Coordinator of Chaos

Since Kate joined Kensa, she’s dramatically changed our process systems; improving efficiency and organisation for both us and our clients through her collation of spreadsheets and process diagrams. 

With a background in Graphic Design, Kate is always motivated in the creative environment we work in. This passion for design means she can really understand our projects and incorporate her design knowledge throughout the management process. 

It’s Kate’s job to strike the fine balance between sweet-talking our designers to get something done pronto, and picking at every detail to make sure everything is perfect for our clients!

Kate's homemade lasagne
Making clients happy

Favourite type of work
Problem solver extraordinaire, Kate loves nothing more than identifying an issue, digging down to find the root cause, then beating it to death with a spreadsheet. She knows Excel like the back of her hand, and using her nifty formulas she can plan for pretty much anything!

Outside work
Kate’s a bit of a petrol head – whoever draws the short straw gets to ride in her ‘baby’! She’s also the proud owner of many well-stocked wine racks, which she tries to offset with a rigorous running schedule.

Kate at Kensa BBQ
Social Kate

In her own words…

Having spent most of my career working within large corporate companies, my decision to make the move to a smaller and more creative agency has definitely been the right one. Working closely with the amazing creatives at Kensa has enabled me to combine my love of design and passion for process improvement to really drive some positive change. Creatives need time to think, to create and so often the operational side of a business can take their time away from them, distracting them from what they are best at! Kensa has given me the opportunity to design new processes and develop better, more efficient ways of controlling the chaos”.

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