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Jun 16, 2023 | Blog, Design inspiration

Mister Cheese branding
Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

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As projects go it doesn’t get much cheesier than this.

We’ve been hard at work with local cheese connoisseurs Mister Cheese to develop their shiny new brand and we’re so pleased the brie is finally out of the bag so we can share it with the world! From packaging to product naming, to a slick e-commerce website and social media presence, we’ve helped bring their vision to life and answer the question – who exactly is Mister Cheese?

Branding for Cheese truckles
Brand sub identities
Food product photography
A selection of social media posts

From our first taste of their samples we knew this product had the goods, but it needed a brand with personality as big as the flavour. So our creative team grabbed their pens and paper (okay, iPads) and started working out what form our cheesy protagonist should take…

From a bicyle-riding mouse to a top-hatted piece of cheese, Mister Cheese went through many transformations before we came to the conclusion, it’s simple – he’s a man who loves flavourful cheese!

Branding for Cheese truckles
Cheese truckle photography
Cheese truckle photography
Cheese truckle photography

Once we’d settled on our moustached hero it was time to bring his colourful life to reality, whether he was a super-smooth spy or a fearless Vampire hunter, the character of Mister Cheese allowed us to create a brand as big as the flavour – his possibilities are endless, and there is nowhere he won’t go in search of cheese.

Finally we had to introduce our fromage-loving creation to the world, across packaging, photoshoots, e-commerce and social media. He’s certainly kept the Kensa team busy with his cheesy escapades and we’ve loved working on this brand from the very start – If you want to meet him for yourself (and perhaps sample some delicious cheese) check out

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