Kensa does Halloween

Oct 31, 2016 | Blog, Design inspiration, Team kensa

Direct mail ready to go

The what

A Halloween themed direct mailer to share with existing clients and prospective local customers

Garden Creations van graphic design

The Why

To practice what we preach and showcase our services in creative way

Each pack contained…

6x pop-out masks
6x mask handles
‘Top secret’ manilla folder

A specimen pack of sweets
Social media call to action
Who Ya Gonna Call cards

Halloween services brochure
Kensa ghost sticker
A chunky A4 box folder

Making a monster

Creating a ghoulish cast of characters for use as Halloween masks

Mask props

Included cutting strips of double-sided tape and attaching them to swizzle stick ‘handles’… at 6 masks per pack, that meant 1500 in total!

Sweets Galore

Each pack contained a mix of Halloween themed sweets, ordered in bulk then hand sorted, repackaged and sealed into our ‘specimen’ packets

2400g of sweets

Putting the beasts to work

Each monster was designed to compliment one of our services – from zombies bringing your branding back from the dead to vampires promoting marketing that doesn’t suck!

The finishing touches

The pack was full of attention to detail, not only did it include masks, sweets and a brochure, but there was also these bespoke goodies:

  • Kensa Halloween sticker
  • Bespoke stamped file holding the masks
  • Social media promo (with Kensa green paperclip)
  • ‘Who ya gonna call’ business cards

Bringing it all together

Once all the individual bits were ready we still needed to package it – from assembling the folders and inserting everything in the correct order to bagging it up for protection against the elements and finally labeling for postage

Out in the wild...

The main call to action was to tweet your own #ScarySelfie for a chance to win more awesome prizes, here are some of our favourites!

The whole project was definitely a labour of love, we hope you enjoyed a peek behind the scenes!
So remember, when you need a campaign that goes beyond the norm ‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’

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