Direct Mail… It’s Alive!!

Jul 13, 2016 | Blog, Marketing tips

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Amy Vaughan

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Amy Vaughan 

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Dare I discuss a more traditional marketing method in this digital age? Well the answer is quite simply YES!! In an era of social media, email and online marketing where consumers get bombarded with post after post, email after email from companies desperate to grab their attention, consumers are becoming somewhat desensitised and less responsive to digital marketing and often creeped out by the cookie stalking re-marketing tags that follow you around long after you’ve showed a fleeting interest in a new pair of jeans that you probably don’t need!

Response rates to email marketing is on the decline, due to the sheer volume consumers receive daily and also down to the filtering tools the likes of Googlemail and Hotmail have implemented such as ‘promotional’ tabs and of course the dreaded ‘Junk’ folder! Now I’m not suggesting you give up on far reaching & low cost email marketing all together, but businesses certainly need to become more innovative in what they send out to existing and potential clients to firstly catch their attention and secondly engage them – two attributes effective direct mail instantly has!



People now receive far less postal mail than they once did, which is not only great for the environment but also a great opportunity for marketers, and fear not the environment can still be saved by opting for recycled print! Direct mail is a tangible marketing tool that has a level of guarantee that the intended recipient will receive and engage with your marketing message. Bulky and/or eye-catching mail with the right messaging will have far more impact than any form of digital, with recent research conducted by Royal Mail supporting this by stating that 60% of people say that direct mail kept brands on top of their mind over others.

Still not convinced? Why not try out an Integrated campaign that involves the best of both: sending direct mail that encourages recipients to respond on social media or encourage recipients to register details online to gain a discount code or win a prize. The IPA Meta-Analysis Databank, have concluded that marketing campaigns which included multi-channel activity, specifically including direct mail, drove market share growth with three times more efficiency than campaigns without direct mail. So you really do have nothing to loose and here is even more reasons why:

  • Multiple formats will suit any campaign topic
  • More simple analytics
  • Greater return on investment
  • A large amount of UK based research to support direct mails success rate
  • It’s more user friendly than digital marketing

If you’d like to look into sending out a direct mail campaign of any kind but could do with some help or just a spark of inspiration, get in touch for a no obligations chat!

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