The Kensa Launch Party

Feb 18, 2019 | Blog, Team kensa

Kensa launch party

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Between entertaining our guests and celebrating we somehow found time to capture highlights of the event on camera.
Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

After moving into our new purpose built office in January 2019 we invited some of our favourite people to join us for a special event to celebrate the occasion!
Save the date invite
Popcorn and Prosecco
Kensa and the Crowd
The new Kensa office
To make it as convenient as possible we let guests choose between a Thursday lunchtime showing or a boozy Friday afternoon. Whether people opted for Prosecco or fruit punch, drinks were only available in (Kensa) blue and came with a healthy side of buffet food!
Blue punch
Lunch buffet
Buffet nibbles
Blue Prosecco
Team Kensa took the stage to deliver a range of presentations, from behind the scenes looks at some of our favourite projects to the history of Kensa. It all culminated in the story of how we ended up building our own office; the premiere of very own ‘Grand Designs’ style mockumentary.
Jess talking about branding
The crowd is entertained
A round of applause
Scott talks about the history of Kensa
After the main event guests were invited to stick around for a tour of the building and the chance join in our Kensa themed games based on some of our previous marketing campaigns (plus more nibbles).
Step right up: Ring Toss
The Kensa board game
Entertaining visitors
The Kensa arcade game
Our team has grown a lot in the past 9 years so it was also a great opportunity for some of our longer standing clients to actually meet all of the talented people who work on their behalf face to face.
Entertaining visitors
Entertaining visitors
Entertaining visitors
Suggestions card
Entertaining visitors
Suggestions card
Entertaining visitors
Dean tossing his ring
A huge thank you to the near 90 people who took time out of their busy days to come along and mark the occassion with us, if you couldn’t make it and fancy a tour drop us a line and we’ll be glad to roll out the red blue carpet.

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