Kensa does Escape Hunt

Oct 15, 2018 | Blog, Team kensa

Kensa does Escape Hunt

Looking to escape?

Are you a talented creative whos feeling a bit trapped? Why not escape to Kensa and live it up with these awesome individuals! Theres no complex puzzle to solve, just get in touch and send us some examples of your work.

Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

Looking for a way to force a little team bonding? Try trapping them in a small room together. 

We’ve had a few new additions to the Kensa team lately so a nice social ice breaker was in order. The Escape Hunt in Birmingham offers themed puzzle rooms where you get an hour to try and escape by solving various mental and physical challenges…

The Fourth Samurai
Kensa Escapes
The scene

We opted to do the Samurai themed adventure and attempt to restore honour to our creative clan. It was all very well thought out and had a special games master to guide us through and keep things interesting.

With confined spaces and a maximum size for each team, we opted to split into 2 groups and make it a competition. One team escaped with time to spare, the other no longer speaks of this event.

The Winners

The Cheaters Winners

The Not-Winners

The Dishonoured Six

Afterwards we had a spot of lunch to celebrate and line our stomaches before heading out into wider Brum.

Team Lunch
Little Tipple

Despite having one particularly dedicated designer on crutches we managed to make our way over to Brindley Place to take in the local culture pubs.

New web guy settling in
George enjoying himself
Jess & Amy
More drinks

After this point things got a bit uncivilised, but a near 12 hour team outing with alcohol will do that. On the whole it was an awesome experience and definitely a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon, a pirate themed rematch might be on the cards in the future…

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