Kensa videos - Schneider Electric LED Promo video
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Schneider Electric

Promotional product video

We created a high impact promotional video, set to a dramatic piano score, to support the launch of the new LED dimmer range of switches. Due to the highly reflective finish of the products we opted for 3D renders rather than traditional filming methods.

Schneider Electric dimmer switch concept design
Schneider dimmer switch rotation moving image
Project breakdown
  • Animation & Motion graphics 50% 50%
  • 3D modelling 25% 25%
  • Product visualisations 25% 25%
“Kensa have consistently supplied great marketing materials (both online and offline) at a very reasonable price. They add a lot of value through a strong creative team, who are always happy to propose ideas for a variety of campaign types.”
– Tom Gillam, Schneider Electric


Schneider electric are global specialists in energy management, including high-end automation.


Create a video showcasing the technical features and aesthetics of the new LED dimmer switch to support the product launch


We produced a video that displayed the product in it’s entirety, using bespoke 3D models to achieve angles that wouldn’t be possible through normal product photography.

And we can do the same for you...

We’ve produced a range of video projects ranging from 2D animation, HD on-location film shoots and of course 3D animations. No matter the reason behind the video we have the experience, equipment and creative flair to make something which will resonate with your audiences.