Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

Monthly Mailers

Hitachi approached us to breathe new life into their long-running direct mail campaign to sales brokers each month. The new format needed to include a visual theme, tailored messaging and accompanying gift, whilst maintaining Hitachi’s professional brand image.

Bespoke flyer design & messaging
Branded mini deck chair
Star Wars Lego

“The Lump”

By far the most fun part of any lumpy mail campaign is sourcing quirky promotional gifts to ensure the item has a lasting impact – whether that’s something useful, innovative or edible. Our creative team have proposed all sorts of memorable ideas, ranging from sporting gifts, bespoke chocolate boxes to honouring Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you!)

The whole package

As with every direct mailer, the visual appeal of the package can often mean the difference between successful client engagement, and being tossed straight in the bin! Specifying a shiny red envelope for each mailer not only ensures visibility, but also helps maintain Hitachi’s distinctive brand image.

Packaged in a red giffy bag
The whole package
Project breakdown
  • Graphic Design 30% 30%
  • Logistics & Strategy 40% 40%
  • Marketing Campaigns 30% 30%


Hitachi Capital is one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative financial solutions to help businesses manage their cash flow. This campaign is designed to remind brokers of Hitachi, and encourage them to recommend their services.


The Kensa team was brought in to refresh the format and design of the mailers, which had previously become boring and repetitive. Luckily for them, we relish any opportunity to think outside the box!


We came up with a new format which was consistent, but versatile enough to allow room for a creative theme each month. As a result, Hitachi maintains a great relationship with their brokers, who are always looking forward to their next surprise in the post.

And we can do the same for you...

If you’re interested in a lumpymail campaign to get new customers, get in touch and we can talk creative ideas.