Digital Dash

Digital Dash: Kensa does a web-based game

Digital dash ui layout

So, what was it?

A running themed browser game featuring the Kensa team, released as a campaign to tie in with the 2016 Olympics.

It was designed to showcase our interactive design skills while also giving our clients a fun distraction and letting them win some cool prizes along the way.

  • Design & Illustration 35% 35%
  • Web Development 60% 60%
  • Chaos 5% 5%
Animated Digital Dash characters

A quirky roster of runners

The playable characters were based on the 2016 Kensa team, each with their own unique style, stats and sometimes even accompanying cats.

How to play

Just pick a character then keep running and dodging obstacles until you run out of lives – simple. The longer you survive, the higher your score! It’s harder than it sounds though, the game speeds up over time so you’ll need swift reflexes to avoid the nasty surprises which are in store the further you go.

A range of design concepts for the New Brew beer bottles

Score big, win big

During the 2016 Olympics the high score table also determined what prizes people would win, with higher value bundles the better you do, resulting in a fierce battle to stay top of the table!

Prizes for the Digital Dash

Play on any device

The game was designed to resize and work on any size device, whether you’re playing on a large screen desktop computer or a smartphone. Even the controls varied, with keyboard controls for desktops and swipes when you’re on a mobile or tablets.

The HTML5 game was made to be mobile friendly

Our digital makeovers

Illustrating the Kensa team as game characters

Game pieces for Digital Dash

The good, the bad and the annoying

We created loads of power-ups and obstacles for the game, from Kensa Coins which increase your score and energy drink speed boosts to broken beige PC’s and even the dreaded Clippy who always pops up at the worst possible time.

Is this real life?

As part of the prize pool we took the most powerful power-up in the game – the energy boost – and had a limited edition batch of real life Digital Dash energy drinks created!

A digital dash energy drink can design
A crate of digital dash energy drinks

Want a FREE Digital Dash energy drink?
*Limited edition, while stocks last

Choose your mood

Picking a character doesn’t just determine what your runner looks like, it also changes the scenery and music. The Kensa team are an eclectic bunch too, so depending on who you pick it’ll vary from happy melodies to heavy metal and a beach side stroll to a dash down dark alleyways.

Grunts and groans

Each character also had custom sound effects recorded* to add an extra layer of personality. Run into an obstacle and you’ll hear your Kensa character do their best impression of being in pain – ouch!
* No members of the Kensa team were (seriously) harmed during the making of this game

You can’t win prizes any more, but you can still play the game online:

Looking for an interactive campaign of your own, or just want to brag about your high score?