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Paycare website redesign

The Challenge

Having introduced a distinctive new brand identity that emphasises their friendly, approachable culture (ask us about that another time), the Paycare website was lagging behind their other marketing material and in need of an overhaul.

With well over 100 pages of content and thousands of visitors each month, any changes would need to be carefully considered. And because they’re a not-for-profit, the investment in a new website would need to deliver tangible benefits for their existing customers too.

Scope of work:

  • Website design
  • User experience
  • Content creation
  • Illustration
  • WordPress development
  • Animation
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Content Strategy & UX Design

We started by analysing user behaviour on their existing website, benchmarking against competitors, segmenting customers by motive and knowledge level, mapping out purchase funnels and a whole host of other fun spreadsheet-based activities – all necessary to properly inform the new site structure and content strategy.

Once this was complete we started meticulously crafting wireframes to underpin the planned user journey. Depending on the scope of the project we don’t always produce wireframes, but with over 20 distinct layouts defined in this instance it was a must.


Paycare are a not for profit Health Cash Plan provider based in Wolverhampton, with over 100 years helping make health care more affordable

Branding & Design

Once we had a robust structure agreed with the client our designers were let loose to come up with creative ways for applying the Paycare branding, seizing every opportunity to inject a sense of fun into the user experience.

The content was carefully crafted to be informative yet bite-sized, supported by an extensive suite of bespoke illustrations featuring scenes representing everything from the individual plans to the treatments that can be claimed.

Mobile Matters

Because we knew 40% of users visited using mobile and tablets, we took extra care to optimise for smaller screens.

Making visitors lives easier was the goal, from ensuring fast claims processing to making to easy to find information

Pushing Boundaries / Functionality

We’re passionate about design, but the website had to do more than just look pretty. In the process of delivering a complete visual overhaul we also explored innovative ways to streamline the way users interact with the website.

  • Finding the right plan
  • Engaging with the brand
  • Saving time and money

Finding the right plan

With a wide range of plans to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, not to mention individuals young and old, finding the right one from a list of options could be a daunting task.

To help streamline enquiries we developed the Plan Finder – a tool which could recommend the most appropriate plan after answering just a few strategically branching questions. It was packaged in a friendly interface and can be completed in under 30 seconds.

Engaging with the brand

A key component of the Paycare brand identity is the distinctive style of illustrated characters which is used to represent their customer types, so what better way to encourage users to engage with the brand than by letting them create their own personalised Paycare Avatar?

Beyond the technical challenge of implementing this into the claims portal, it also involved creating a suite of artwork which was broad enough to represent most people without compromising the art style.

Saving time and money

Historically a substantial percentage of customers made claims by post. The old website did have a claims area, but it wasn’t very user friendly and ultimately outputted an email equivalent of the paper form which still required manual data entry to process.

The new website features a dynamic online claims process linked directly to Paycare’s CRM system, dramatically reducing administration time and allowing customers claims to be paid even faster. Win win.

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The project also yielded a suite of assets that could be used in other marketing material, from social media posts to printed literature and beyond.

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