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Nov 21, 2022 | Blog

Kensa does Axe Throwing!
Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

The Idea Factory will soon be powered by 100% renewable energy

We’re delighted to announce the completion of our brand new solar battery system – just in time to help combat soaring electricity costs!

The 24kw solar system covering most of our roof consists of 72 photovoltaic modules, providing a 4.79t annual saving in carbon emissions. That’s the same as planting 220 new trees (quite a few more than we managed back in 2021!)

We’ve always been sustainability minded, so being able to create our own energy is a big milestone which we hope to keep building upon.

Taking notes

Good for the planet, good for business.

The panels are expected to produce 20.58MWh per year: more than enough to power our creative marketing machine, and then some. In fact, we’re expected to generate a surplus over the summer months which will be pushed back into the National Grid (aren’t we generous). Director Rich said:

“After a record trading year, we couldn’t think of a better investment than solar panels to improve the building itself whilst future proofing our operations. When we discovered we could get support from the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), we decided to be even more ambitious and doubled the size of the system.”

The project is expected to pay for itself within 11 years through reduced energy bills, which combined with other sustainable initiatives puts Kensa well on its way to achieving our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

But it doesn’t stop there…

We’ve also just launched an EV company car scheme, so everyone on the team has the opportunity to go electric at the most affordable price possible. Managing Director Scott said:

“With inflation and the cost of living crisis, upgrading to an EV might seem like the last thing on people’s minds, but we wanted to show the team it’s possible to be greener and save money at the same time. The salary sacrifice scheme combined with the new solar system has made that possible.”

Creative Director Jess Morris was first to take advantage of the offering:

“Kensa supported me through the entire process, and it was so successful we decided to roll it out so the rest of the team could take advantage too. With free electric charging at work, not only have I got more money in my back pocket, but I’m doing my bit for the planet too. It’s an absolute no-brainer!”

An even greener future

These initiatives are all part of Kensa’s wider plans to make operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.

We’re supporting our team to take steps towards a greener future, whether that’s switching to an EV, taking advantage of the cycle to work scheme or more flexibility to work from home – every little helps to reduce our individual carbon footprints.

In the office we have a strong paper-free culture, making use of cloud storage for all project work, opting for paperless accounting and encouraging our designers to pick up an iPad rather than a sketchbook.

When printing is required, we use FSC accredited suppliers to ensure environmental impact is kept as low as possible without compromising on quality.

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