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Jul 11, 2016 | Blog, Team kensa

Digital disruption

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Amy Vaughan

Written by

Amy Vaughan 

From strategy to content creation, Amy immerses herself in all things Marketing.

Wen is nothing less than a magician when it comes to programming, he often fixes the problem you never knew you had, but makes all the difference to your website – in a way only a fellow programming genius would understand! He tends to use the word Algorithm a lot when he doesn’t want to spend the time explaining in detail what he did….

Out of Work: With the complexity that comes with Wen’s job role, he likes nothing more than to chill out after a day of coding by immersing himself in the nostalgia of playing retro video games!

Fun Fact: Wen appears to function on a diet of caffeine and chewy sweets, unless it contains e-numbers nothing green passes his lips!

Favourite Cornish Pasty: When Wen fancies a change from his normal sugar charged diet he’s partial to a Chicken and bacon pasty, but has been known to wrap a Maoam sweet in puff pastry for tea!


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