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Mar 14, 2019 | Blog, Team kensa

Ryan Kenwrick

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Meet the team

Ryan Kenwrick – Film Fanatic
Ryan joined Kensa as a videographer fresh from uni after graduating with a First Class degree in Film Production. In 2018, he also became our first certified drone operator, achieving the prestigious ‘gold wings’ award in the process!

He see’s the world in 16:9 and takes the lead on all things video at Kensa, whether it’s filming a promotional video or creating an explainer animation, you can be sure he’ll frame the perfect shot.

Ryan flying a drone
Ryan Filming
Filming on location takes Ryan all over the country (and beyond), from Telford to the south of France and everywhere in between – though it does often require punishingly early starts and long days travelling.

Aside from logistical headaches, the other issue with filming on location is that sometimes mother nature doesn’t play ball – fortunately he’s also skilled in editing and post production and can often transform dreary footage to look like a vibrant summers day!

Interviewing a particularly tricky subject
Ryan in Summer
Favourite type of work
Having studied Film Production, Ryan loves any opportunity to craft a compelling story from start to finish – planning, scripting and storyboarding before getting on location and going full auteur behind the camera.

Outside work
Ryan’s obsession for all things media continues into his personal life, from working on screenplays to watching arsty fartsy films. He also has a sneaky Simpsons tattoo, though it’s in a place you’ll only see if he chooses to show you.

Ryan casually entertains a client
Ryan having ideas
In his own words…
“Not many graduates are lucky enough to land their dream job straight out of uni, but fortunately I have been! Kensa have nurtured and helped me grow in so many ways, allowing me to expand my existing skillset and even develop new ones in the time I’ve been here. I’ve produced videos of all types for clients in just about every sector, helping to tell their stories and make them stand out from the crowd – something I’m always massively proud of.”  

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