Meet our Managing Dictator

Mar 24, 2018 | Blog, Team kensa

Scott Clarke

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Amy Vaughan

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Amy Vaughan 

From strategy to content creation, Amy immerses herself in all things Marketing.

Meet the team

Scott Clarke – The Managing Dictator

Scott founded the company in 2010 and rules it with an iron fist.

A dab hand in all aspects of design from print to video and web development, he’s first and foremost the ideas man who manages the creative chaos and keeps everybody motivated (usually with rousing speeches, blackmail or pizza).

The Kensa Throne

Out of work
Rumour has it he’s not familiar with the concept of ‘outside work’, but Scott has a passion for all things design.

Fun fact(s)
He prefers driving on 2 wheels to 4, his favourite ‘sport’ is archery and he wears a size 13 shoe. Scott also has a penchant for pretentious photo poses.…

Favourite Pasty
English Breakfast Pasty (a rare and unholy marriage which shouldn’t work but does).

Scott posing
Biker Scott

In his own words…

“I think Kensa is great!”

George looking interested
Everyone loves Scott
Scott posing pt 2
'Poker' George

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