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Jul 3, 2020 | Blog

Kensa does digital escape room!

Looking to escape?

Are you a talented creative whos feeling a bit trapped? Why not escape to Kensa and live it up with these awesome individuals! Theres no complex puzzle to solve, just get in touch and send us some examples of your work.
Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

Escape rooms are closed for the time being, but the clever bunch over at XscapeNow! aren’t about to let that stop them!

XscapeNow! are now offering three innovative online games to bring the escape room experience to the comfort of your home. Each room is jam packed full of mind-boggling puzzles, cryptic clues and just a touch of cheesy humour!

Kensa deep in thought!

We’re big fans of escape rooms here at Kensa, so we couldn’t resist having a go… it’s safe to say we’ve been hooked ever since!

To up the stakes, we decided to split into two teams and race against the clock. It was a real test of teamwork (and wifi quality!) as we all had to work together to pick up clues and solve a series of impossible-looking puzzles – all whilst keeping an eye on the timer.

Now we’ve completed all three digital escape rooms, we’re eagerly awaiting our next chance to escape against the clock (well, how else are we going to settle the score?!)


Kensa escape!

Escape rooms are great for team collaboration and outside-the-box thinking. So whether you’re sitting down for some family fun, rounding up your colleagues for a teambuilding activity, or just a self-confessed escape room junky looking for your next fix – there’s fun to be had for all! 

A bit about the client:

XscapeNow! approached us to help them stand as Telford’s first and best Escape Room experience. We developed a range of marketing collateral from print material to a shiny new website to bring their escape rooms to life, and we had an awesome time doing it!

This isn’t our first time at XscapeNow! You can read all about our last experience here.

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