Kensa does BBQ

Apr 21, 2018 | Blog, Team kensa

Kensa does BBQ

A fan of slightly burnt BBQ food?

If you think you would be a good addition to the team get in touch and maybe you can join us for a burger next time it’s a warm sunny work day… so, roughly once every 3 years or so.

Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

Founding father of Kensa and all round design obsessive, Scott has an opinion on pretty much everything.

What’s even more rare than a project going straight to print with no amends? A British heatwave!

The team has been slowly baking in our office these past few days, so when the sunshine showed no signs of going away we couldn’t resist making the most of our outside space and having an impromptu team barbecue.

Kensa Cooking
BBQ supplies
Team Kensa

Chips, dips, burgers and a set of marshmallows for toasting made it a lunch to remember… not to mention a stash of on-brand ice pops kept in the freezer for just such an occasion!

Fiery acrobatic entertainment
Shameless BBQ Kensa selfie
Cook-master Rich

Thankfully there were no major disasters and we managed to do it without burning the building down or giving any of the team food poisoning, though we would like to apologise to our neighbours for the unexpected smell of sizzling delights that must have wafted in through their windows (sorry!).


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