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Oct 29, 2019 | Blog, Design inspiration

InDiSIGNS project by Kensa

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Scott Clarke

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Scott Clarke  

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Helen and Steve approached Kensa back in July when they were inspired to set up their own sign making business, and wanted it to have a professional brand and website from day one.

They wanted a colourful, fun and memorable branding to help them stand out against the competition and clearly communicate their services. Why the name and the logo? ‘Indi(e)’ means ‘independent’, which is exactly how they wanted the brand to be portrayed – both the name and logo were also inspired by their beloved family cat Indie, who fully lived up to his name!

InDiSIGNS signage logo
InDiSIGNS website icons

When it came to applying the new brand to a website design, Helen asked us to retain the friendly and approachable personality of the company whilst creating a modern and professional online experience for her customers. To achieve this we created a series of user friendly layouts using engaging colour palettes and modern icons to help communicate the key benefits of their services.

InDiSIGNS website homepage
InDiSIGNS website

Today, InDiSIGNS create bespoke signage in all shapes and sizes, to help their customers maintain a professional brand presence – from small high street businesses to large corporations.

InDiSIGNS sign design
InDiSIGNS design logo

In their own words…

“We are delighted with our website; the functionality is great – everything runs smoothly! Kensa’s collaborative approach and expertise meant that together we were able to develop a truly unique design that perfectly reflects how we want to present our business. The feedback we have received from our target market confirms this. We will always keep Kensa Creative in mind for future branding projects.”
Helen Esslemont

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