Black Friday 2017

Nov 23, 2017 | Blog, Team kensa

Digital disruption

Kensa Creative’s top picks!

Was £399 - Now £299

Our creatives are on fire during a brainstorming session and this is the perfect piece of equipment to help cool the place down! And for those who feel the cold fear not – it also has a heat setting!

Was £899 - Now £399

We’d expect a barista to be delivered with this machine at the original price – but this impressive Black Friday deal will bring liquid luxury to those days when caffeine is needed most in the Kensa office!

Was £59 - Now £13

There’s some dodgy viruses about on the world wide web – get total protection for a total bargain! Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for up to 10 devices! Our peace of mind never came so cheap!

Was £449 - Now £369

What better way to watch our video and animation come to life than on this 4k Ultra HD TV! We can even catch-up on our favourite programmes during down time with Smart TV catch built in! This bargain is a game changer!

Was £93 - Now £68

If you still want the sound quality of beats but prefer a little more subtlety, then these are the headphones for you! Our videographers can immerse themselves when editing recordings, whilst appearing less ghetto chic!

Was £319 - Now £199

Whilst most people would pair this stylish soundbar and subwoofer with their curved TV’s – we actually take advantage of the wireless Bluetooth connectivity and booming bass to listen to our rather eclectic mix of music!

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