Black Friday 2015

Nov 24, 2015 | Blog, Team kensa

Digital disruption

Kensa Creative’s top picks!

Scott's pick

This piece of kit is the perfect starter camera for any budding photographers or aspiring designers out there. Provides really high quality images suitable for professional design projects. Snap it up while you can.

Rich's pick

Keeping track of your activity has never been simpler… or cheaper! This is key for helping you monitor your fitness and sleep patterns, both of which are lacking for most at Kensa Creative!

Jon's pick

Offers fluid pen movements that realistically translate into you work. It’s improved my workflow considerably by motivating me to improve my arsenal of shortcut commands.

Jack's pick

64gb of storage space on something this size is obviously some sort of black magic. Perfect for backing up files and transporting projects you work on regularly. Size doesn’t matter.

Amy's pick

Half Price for a top quality audio brand! If you’re not after great sound to shut out the world around you, then think Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest techies.

Beccy's pick

You really can have whatever tickles your taste buds at lower than half price, with over 30 varieties of hot and cold drinks! The 15 bar pump pressure and 0.8 litre capacity make this a must buy!

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