Doing it Digitally

As part of our plan to save the environmental we’ve initiated a ‘Paper Free Office’ policy. Simply put the intention is to move towards a digital work environment and avoid using printed materials where possible, resulting in a cleaner, more organised office and saving a few tree’s along the way.

We take notes digitally on the iPad and have easy access to all of our files

How much paper do you use?

Take a look at your email inbox – now imagine how much paper it would take to produce all of those messages if they hadn’t come to you digitally. Using less paper is only one of the benefits and many businesses are already embracing technology to move towards a paperless office.

Where did I put that again?

Treasure hunts can be fun, but digging through mountains of paper and clunky old file folders loses its charm after a while. By working digitally you’ll have easy access to all of your files, current or historic, and can take them with you anywhere you go.

The Kensa team taking meeting notes digitally

What does it involve

Using email attachments to send information to customers and suppliers where possible is a great start, combine this with opt-in email / online only statements offered by many utility services and banks and you can cut paper out of most regular communications.

If you find yourself regularly taking notes or brainstorming during the day then bin recycle that notepad and invest in a whiteboard. If your job involves regular meetings with customers or coworkers then take along a laptop and type up your notes digitally – if you find this unwieldy you can always use it to justify buying a shiny new iPad Pro like we did (you’re welcome).

Dealing with paper received

While we are careful to never generate unnecessary paperwork we can’t always control what others send to us – a proof from the printers, a contract from a client or a utility bill – but we do have a process to properly manage it.

By digitally filing all documents both incoming and outgoing we have easy access to everything in a matter of seconds – all while enjoying a clutter free office and no more turning the place upside down looking for paper lost in the shuffle.

Less paper is just the beginning of the payoff.