Video & Animation

If a picture’s worth a thousand words… Imagine how much you can say at 25 frames a second!

Video Production

Reach a larger audience via the click of a play button with a promotional video! Creating a more engaging and convenient sales tool or training material.

What we offer

We can take you through the complete video production process and catch the attention of the clientele your after!

Why you need it

Unlike you, a quality production can deliver your message in many places at the same time!

Post Production and Editing

From touching up audio and mixing in a soundtrack to adding eye-catching menu’s and putting your presenter on the moon – we offer quality post production expertise.

What we offer

Our team of geniuses can turn even the worst mobile phone recording into something with a professional look and feel, ensuring all key elements are presented accordingly.

Why you need it

Promoting poor quality videos in association with your business can be detrimental to sales, they are not a true representation of the quality goods and services you offer.

Motion Graphics

Bringing your product or vision to life with high definition motion graphics will show off full potential in a unique way, astounding your existing and potential clients.

What we offer

Our team of experts really can make magic happen when producing motion graphics! The creative possibilities in 2D & 3D animation are never ending!

Why you need it

If traditional methods of advertisement don’t display enough detail or if your looking for a fun representation – motion graphics can achieve this and more, giving a modern and high definition look.

Event Coverage

Whether your attending or have organised an event that blood, sweat and tears has gone into, capturing all your hard work with a professional video will give you something to show off…

What we offer

Coupled with our top of the range equipment and valuable experience, we can pop in for an hour to film an important speech or spend a few days at the event capturing the highlights you need!

Why you need it

Show off your achievement or capture something memorable…

Product Demonstration

Sometimes a single image isn’t enough to show off your product in all it’s glory…

What we offer

We offer tailored solutions that will show off your product and it’s capabilities best, whether that be recording a physical product demonstration or developing an animated version.

Why you need it

A product demonstration video can show functionality in detail appealing to your target market whilst providing all the information they require to make that all important purchase decision.


Conducting and filming an interview with your company CEO or a client may sound simple enough, especially with most people now having a recording device (aka mobile phone) with them at all times …. In theory! But we all know how poor quality they look once uploaded onto your website or popular sites such as YouTube.

What we offer

We have the latest recording and sound technology along with the necessary expertise to make sure you give Parkinson a run for his money.

Why you need it

A professional video interview with the correct lighting and sound quality, will attract and hold the attention of the viewer.

Promotional Videos

A promotional video is a key marketing tool to have on your website, across your social media accounts for clients to share and view when launching an exciting new project!

What we offer

From college courses to a new product launch, our promotional videos will get the word out there for you in the most impressive way!

Why you need it

A promotional video allows you to make an impact, communicating complex stories/descriptions in an easily digestible format which will catch attention and engage your audience.

Want to be seen in HD?

A professional video will engage with your customers on levels standard print simply can’t

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