Online marketing

Social media marketing

Get your clients talking from just £395

The number of ways to promote your company on the internet are growing everyday – target your customers directly and increase exposure to your products.

What we offer

We can help you to implement social media marketing strategies tailored to fit your business.

Why you need it

As consumers increasingly use the internet as a social platform your business needs to adapt and bring your online marketing efforts to them.

Online Advertising / PPC

Targetted campaigns from just £275

Even the worlds best website is just wasted potential if nobody can find it – raise visibility and increase traffic to your site through search engines and online advertising.

What we offer

We can manage your online campaigns across everything from organic and paid search to affiliates and video marketing.

Why you need it

Increase traffic to your website and generate more customers through engaging online advertising campaigns.

Email marketing

Straight to their inbox from just £495

Targeted email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to engage with your customers and unlike traditional direct mail it delivers real results you can measure.

What we offer

A complete email marketing solution from design, data acquisition and strategy to training and campaign management.

Why you need it

The waste dumps are already full of spam mail, save yourself money and make the customer and our planet happier.

View examples of our work here at our Kensa Creative gallery


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