Branding & Identity

From a logo design to full branding, we encompass all that your company stands for, communicating your message in a way that’s innovative and memorable.


A brand is not just a logo, it is an identity and getting it right can make you stand out from the crowd. Our experts will encompass your values and evolve a brand that is unique and memorable, creating a solid association between your brand and quality.

What we offer

We build distinctive identities – from simple logo and colour scheme’s to complete bespoke applications.

Why you need it

Your brand identity is usually the first contact customers have with your company – make sure it does you justice.


You’re never too old for change and the same is true for your brand. Even the most successful brands change with the times to keep ahead of their game, so whether your brand needs just a tweak or complete facelift we can help.

What we offer

From adding a layer of polish to a complete tear down and rebuilding from the foundation up, we can help improve your brand.

Why you need it

Professional design connotes quality service – companies with strong branding feel less pressure to compete purely based on price.

Logo design

A logo is an extremely important element when embarking on the process of branding/rebranding your business. Think of a logo as your representative – it needs to be striking and relevant. If it’s inspiration your lacking then you have come to the right people.

What we offer

From helping turn you’re vision onto reality to creating the whole design for you from scratch.

Why you need it

Your logo is the visual association with your business, it needs to be relevant and impactful.

Company names

Company name generation is something we pride ourselves on and it’s importance can often be overlooked when starting your own business. It needs to identify what you offer remaining brief and memorable. We often liken it to naming a baby.

What we offer

After an initial discussion, our experienced team will put together a number of innovative and relevant options for you to consider.

Why you need it

It’s what you want existing and potential clients to remember for all the right reasons, it needs to stand out from the competition!

Tagline generation

A tagline can be the perfect partner to your company name or indeed what makes it. Think of MasterCard’s ‘There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard’ or Gillette’s ‘The Best a Man Can Get’, these taglines aid the brand significantly in being thought of as the product and/or service as opposed to just being associated with it.

What we offer

We will propose a number of concepts that will summarise your business and communicate your marketing message in one sentence.

Why you need it

If your company name doesn’t speak for itself, your tagline will do the talking for you! Many successful companies can be identified by their tagline alone .

Need a new identity?

We can help you and your customers discover the new you!

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